WhatsApp’s conclusion to-end encryption highlight guarantees that our discussions stay private, however the stage itself is powerless against a basic assault which can seize a client’s WhatsApp account. The strategy, which was found a year ago, can be utilized to assume control over the WhatsApp record of an objective by taking the confirmation code sent to their voice message inbox absent much specialized information.

The defenselessness, which can be utilized to assume control over somebody’s WhatsApp account, was spotted a year ago by a security master named Ran Bar-Zik. Be that as it may, the helplessness must be misused if the objective uses voice message and doesn’t have a mind boggling PIN or uses a default PIN, for example, 1234 or 1111.

Hacking Voice Mail

An aggressor introduces WhatsApp on his gadget and enters the versatile number of the objective amid the enlistment procedure, after which a security code will be sent to the objective’s portable number. Attempting to introduce WhatsApp on two gadgets will send a security alarm to the objective, or, in other words programmer endeavors to execute the hack when the objective is likely not dynamic, say after 12 pm.


Subsequent to sending a confirmation on numerous occasions, the assailant can send an incite that he/she didn’t get the check code by means of a SMS, so WhatsApp will send the equivalent by means of a voice call. What’s more, if the objective can’t go to the voice call, the voice message will be sent to their phone message (Yes, WhatsApp can leave the confirmation code in your voice message inbox). Since we once in a while utilize phone message these days, and not very many try to change the default password that is doled out by the versatile specialist co-op. Therefore, if the programmer attempts “0000" or “1234", they are to a great degree prone to affirm the condition of the unfortunate casualty’s voice message benefit. In the event that it’s dynamic, capturing is conceivable. The programmer currently approaches the injured individual’s WhatsApp account and can likewise bolt him out for all time by actuating the two factor validation include.

The best way to keep an assailant from executing the aforementioned assault is to actuate WhatsApp’s two-factor verification highlight and utilize a more grounded secret word for one’s phone message.